Meditation ~ Mindfulness ~ Meaning

What would it be like if you were completely and absolutely human? If you lived authentically from a place of deep self-understanding, embodying your sincere values and pursuing the goals most important to you?


Mindfulness training is an excellent way to evolve into this fully human way of being. It rewires the brain, improving emotional regulation, cognitive function, and resilience, while decreasing compulsive negative thoughts, stress, and anxiety.


This is mental fitness backed by reason, tangible experience, and an emerging body of scientific research that’s consistently more precise and compelling. It builds a sort of extreme sanity that’s full of spontaneous wisdom, joy, and compassion.


It's an effective means to make healthy behavior changes and discover an attitude of friendliness and compassion. At its most profound, it facilitates positive transformation, wisdom, and personal awakening. 

Simply put, mindfulness is about minimizing suffering and maximizing happiness. 

  • To provide high-quality, personalized mindfulness instruction, informed by the most current scientific research, with tangible results

  • To address the needs of clients suffering from debilitating physical and mental issues, especially those that haven't responded to traditional treatments

  • To offer practical methods of deep transformation and liberation which foster happiness independent of circumstances 

  • To accommodate everyone by working within their financial capabilities

  • Custom Mindfulness Training

    • One-On-One​

    • Groups

    • Online / In-Person

  • Long-term Mindfulness Mentoring

  • Mindfulness Consulting

  • Program Design

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Presentations

  • Corporate Mindfulness Training

  • Trauma-Specific Practices

  • Education, Advocacy, & Facilitation